Welcome to the Party!

To Do Better Requires Building Differently.

The Party Animalz Speakeasy Society (PASS) is a collaborative community of creators, artists, entrepreneurs, and explorers brought together to build the bridges between the metaverse and IRL brands, experiences, companies and opportunities.

Why Join Us


  • IRL Events & Experiences
  • Metaverse Events
  • Exclusive opportunities with partners


  • Editions built around growth of the community
  • Exclusive drops & access to new projects
  • Membership Rewards and Perks


  • Supporting the underrepresented with action
  • Project structures to ensure collaboration
  • Founding team focused on Diversity and Inclusion


  • Community Reinvestment
  • Transparent Partnerships
  • Ownership Opportunities

The Pass

Genesis Edition

18kUnique NFTs
18Party Animalz
10Access Levels
3Member Tiers

The Journey


  • Curation Team Begins Pass Code Distribution
  • Mint Capability Goes Live For Pass Code Recipients
  • The First Patron Saints Of The Party Announcement
  • Passpool Deployed To Begin Artist Support (50% Mint)
  • Passvault Shared With Community (75% Mint)
  • Passpartner Initiative Activated
  • Unique Pass Revealed To All Holders (100% Mint)

1-3 Months

  • Patron Saints Of The Party Class Revealed
  • Brand Partnerships Announcment Revealed
  • Pass Membership Cards Available For Pass Holders
  • Official Party Animalz Speakeasy To Be Built In Metaverse

3-12 Months

  • The Party Animalz Speakeasy Society State Of The Union
  • First Metaverse and IRL Party Date Announced
  • Party Animalz The Movie Goes Into Production
  • Activation Of Next Drop With Guest Artists
  • Activation Of Community Art Wallet
  • Partnerships Team Experiences
  • Metaverse Build Out

Our Team

Ali Sabet@sabet
Gabe Weis@GabrielJWeis
Karsen Daily@karsendaily
Keith Botha@KeithBotha2
Keith Fung@keithrfung
Maryam Siahatgar@maryamsiaa2
Matt Wilhelm@AddressXception
Michael Rutledge@RutledgeMj
Raven Trammell@raven50mm
Robyn Marie Hill@RobynMarieHill

Our Mission

We believe that we must do better as a community to build more inclusive & diverse spaces. Action is needed to build the bridges, relationships and experiences that represent who we are as a community.

Let's Gather!

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